Adobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 ENG / MULTi / RUS

Adobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 ENG / MULTi / RUS

Adobe Muse СС – визуальный конструктор сайтов, функционирующий по принципу «отображение внесённых изменений в реальном времени». Таким образом, разработчику не требуется открывать HTML-код сайта - панель редактирования позволяет работать с веб-страницей, как с изображением. Очевидно, что такой подход ориентирован на создание среды разработки, доступной пользователю без специального образования.

Adobe Muse CC - создавайте великолепные веб-сайты без написания кода.
Если вы уже знакомы с Adobe InDesign, рекомендуем вам познакомиться с Adobe Muse, популярным у графических дизайнеров приложением для создания веб-сайтов. Не тратьте время на написание кода и быстро создавайте уникальные сайты с использованием знакомых инструментов и комбинаций клавиш, а также интегрируйте сторонние функции, например блоги и корзины.

Что нового Adobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44:
This release contains fixes for the following issues:
• Changing left padding shifts all page items on affected pages
• Muses crashes while generating SVG posters for the same SVG on multiple breakpoints
• Images within a tabbed panel on a page with multiple breakpoints can incorrectly result in the export error, “An image on the page is too large. Resize it smaller and try again."
• Changing page width on a fixed-width page does not update the width of 100% elements
• Some converted Muse files hit an assert "pendingProcessInfo:updateDisplayAsync TextLayoutDisplayObject..." when opening certain pages
• Muse crashes when activating a breakpoint in a small number of Muse files
• Muse crashes when removing alternate layouts with page items that have scroll effects
• Overlapping page items can result in the wrong z-order after export
• Editing a master page then re-publishing the site asserts "Failed to find CSSSheet for page” for some sites containing Synchronized Text
• Some pages may have an incorrect width when converting sites from older versions of Muse
• Spacing between page items changes unexpectedly when content is pushed down due to a growing page item and grouped elements are off the page
• Some site’s footer content jumps into the page content when browser window is resized to a specific breakpoint
• Scale to Fit browser fill images are re-sampled to a size considerably smaller than expected
• MUCOW options with supportsGlobalAndOptionContentTags get lost after reopening the Muse file
• Artwork in lightbox composition widgets is not visible after resizing past a breakpoint if the composition has a horizontal or vertical transition
• Muse crashes when deleting alternate layout with certain pages open with breakpoints on the master page
• Muse crashes when exporting some sites with an assert, "Why does PageItem have a cached parent page if we're not already exporting or resizing the page?”
• Rotating a group in the transform palette applies rotation to child items, not the group
• Fix formatting of some master page content published to Business Catalyst
• Muse crashes on export of a multi-breakpoint page containing a menu with submenus that has been resized
• Muse crashes when pasting or drag-n-dropping a selection containing a form and text frame with an inline SVG or HTML page item
• Muse crashes when editing a scroll effect on a master page with assert “Why are we applying scroll effects for an item on a page with multiple breakpoints “
• Muse crashes on export when the Layers panel is open with site that has Synchronized Text and a page marked not to export with assert "LTW:onCollectionchange called with no front page canvas”
• Muse hangs after editing some MUCOWs with multi-line text boxes
• Paragraph style with h tags applied to one paragraph of multi-paragraph text frame in a breakpoint causes w3 validator warnings
• Very different appearance of exported page if there is a tall sidebar on page
• Assets for upload exported from 2015.0 are deleted from server when exported from 2015.1
• Exporting sites with page breakpoints larger than master breakpoints can sometimes appear unexpectedly in browser
• Assert “Why do we have multiple folders with the same name?” when publishing some sites that contain OAMs

Системные требования:
• Процессор Intel с поддержкой 64-разрядных вычислений
• Операционная система Mac OS X версий 10.9 и выше
• 1 ГБ ОЗУ

Adobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 ENG / MULTi / RUSAdobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 ENG / MULTi / RUSAdobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 ENG / MULTi / RUS
Adobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 ENG / MULTi / RUSAdobe Muse CC 2015.1.2.44 ENG / MULTi / RUS

Тип издания: OS X Software
Релиз состоялся: 17 марта 2016
Поддерживаемая ОС: OS X 10.9 +
Разработчик: Аdоbе
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Испанский и др.
Лечение: в комплекте
Размер: 396.42 Mb


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