Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Everything you need to know about 50 erotic oral sex positions in a petite, easy-to-carry mini book! Hotter oral sex is right at your fingertips. While other books require you to learn an entire approach or set up a whole scenario, the mini Oral Sex book will let you take hot and scintillating techniques anywhere! Learn a great technique quickly, and use it on your partner tonight for mind-blowing pleasure. Illustrated with sensual photography and illustrations, you'll learn how to tease and please multiple hot spots and have amazing orgasms.

ISBN: 1592336655
2015 year
Страниц: 112 pages
Формат: EPUB
Язык: English
Размер: 10,60 Мб

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Ключевые теги: Oral Sex, Oral, Sex, Lesbian, Love, журнал, Uncensored


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