Sexy Beach Zero / Сексуальный Пляж Зеро (2010) Jap / Eng / PC - Full mods

Sexy Beach Zero / Сексуальный Пляж Зеро (2010) Jap / Eng / PC - Full mods

Четвертая часть игры "Секси пляж" от компании Illusion. Вокруг нас тропический курорт и конечно же обворожительные девушки. На этот раз это - Ai, Bael Altarus, Rin, Hotaru, Setsuna Yagami. В сборнике собраны все моды, что создали талантливые модеры.

Информация об игре:
Год: 2010
Жанр: 3D, Simulator, Date-sim, Adventure, Blowjob, Straight, Titsjob, Sex toys, Bikini, Swimsuit
Цензура: Отсутствует/ Есть патч удаления
Разработчик: Illusion
Издательство: CHS Games
Платформа: PC/Windows XP / Vista / 7 32bit

Содержание сборника:
Анцензоры [Uncensored
:] [Official]Uncensor and nipple textures v1.1 by Darkhound
AutoUncensorPatch by bigshoots
Cumshot Mod fix by Alexae
Diff hair uncensor by goumou
Godhand Vibrator Piss Uncensor by remymartin1986
Pee Uncensor Mod by geckobain
Pee Uncensor Mod by GoldMembr
Uncensor & Nipples by Randomperson
Uncensored (From Japan forums) uploaded by BugNotMe
Uncensored + hairless (of 777Maliwei) by Randomperson
Uncensored by 777Maliwei
Uncensor No Hair by Maliwei+Randomperson
Uncensor with different pubic hair colors (Contains male uncensor)

Загрузчик [Launcher
:] Chinese

Моды [Mods
:] Аксессуары [Accessories]
LIPS Makeup by Alexae
Mage hat by Asyron
Makeup by GamerGirl
Волосы [Hair]
[Package] Asyron Hair and Male mods (Wizard Ready) by Nnyakovich
Bail Hair Fix by Shireece
Black Hair (for all characters) by mdrms
Color Hair mod by angelingbit
Hair 3 different styles ( Kaori, Aya, Setsuna) by mdrms
Hair Mod by Alexae
Hair mods by Asyron
Hotaru Hair Mod by KN25200
Maria Anderson Hair Mod by garnetfanatico
Rin Hair Fix + FTP Fix by Shireece
Setsuna Hair Light Blond by ryuzakikid
Setsuna Red Hair & Blue Eyes
Sexy Hotaru Hair by Alexae
Viara Hair for Bael by Feore
Другое [Other]
3D HUD Transparent by Nobsi
100 Swimsuits Each by darkhound
Dance Music Mod by goldmembr
Modified Island Map by happyhappyjoy
New Images for Girls by GoldMembr
New Images for Girls by happyhappyjoy
Subtitle Overlay Mod - Hair dye using Hue-Saturation by enter75
Одежда [Clothes]
6 Suits by sciguy77
[Pack] Black Stocking red dots&Stocking red streaks+setsune hair by alexae
[Pack] Clothes by Warmtoast
[Pack] Powerpuff Girls swimsuits by Warmtoast
[Pack] Swimsuit Pack by GoldMembr
[Pack] Swimsuit Mega Pack Crotchless by goldmembr-sciguy77
[Pack] Swim Suits by sciguy77
[Pack] Yellow Stocking+Long Gloves by alexae
Angel Outfit by remymartin1986
Ayane suit Lamina from DOAX by jinshi0
Dark Makover for Rin by mdrms
Eva Plug Suit Full White+Red by goldmembr
High-heels by 777Maliwei
High Heels + Realistic Big Nipples by GoldMembr
Kasumi suit mod DOAX by jinshi0
Neemish lingerie mods by Anand
Saeko Busujima beta 1 by jinshi0
sailor loose outfit by mdrms
Stripped Stocking by alexae
Swimsuit mod by sciguy77
Тело [Body]
[Girl] Asy Scaling change by Asyron
[Girl] Body Tone + fingernail paint by mdrms
[Girl] Body Tone Lighting Change by remymartin1986
[Girl] Bolt on pubic hair by RemyM
[Girl] High Heels + Realistic Big Nipples by GoldMembr
[Girl] LIPS-MAKEUP by Alexae
[Girl] Realistic Big Nipples by GoldMembr
[Girl] Realistic Nipples by GoldMembr
[Girl] Realistic Nipples by ryuzakikid
[Girl] Taller and Bigger by Pidey
[Girl] Uncensor & Nipples by Randomperson
[Male] Body Builder by Asyron
[Male] Body change by Asyron
[Male] Futanari 2 mod by Asyron
[Male] Futanari mod by Asyron
[Male] Futanarization by Asyron
[Male] Rapeman body by garnetfanatico
[Male] Tan Body Builder by altry7
[Package] [Girl] Realistic SkinNailsP-hair (girls)P-hair (guy)Diff Hair-SetsunaHotaru
[Package] Asyron Hair and Male mods (Wizard Ready) by Nnyakovich
Японские (без сортировки) [Japan, not sort]

Патчи [Patches
:] ! Sexy Beach ZERO HF Patch (версия 2.4)
No DVD patch
Xmas Addons

Перевод интерфейса [Interface Translation
:] [Official] English Complete Interface
English Quick English Interface
English Quick English Map Icons
English Quick Shop Items
English Ring + Map Buttons
German Interface
PARTIAL Story Translation 2.0 by GoldMembr & Translation Team
Spanish UI

Сохранения [Save Game
:] Full save with all items for all girls (Vol 1-3 + Christmas)
Save Game by pikach18

Утилиты [Utilities
:] F@k Applocale Sexy Beach Zero (Cyber Hunter)
Misaki 3D Web Browser
PerfHUD mod (только для Nvidia)
Windowed fullscreen by enter75
Правка реестра [registry fixer]
Трейнер [trainer]
Установщик модов [Illusion Wisard, PP Extractor]

Системные требования (минимальные):
CPU: Pentium4 2.4GHz
Ram: 1GB
VRAM: 128Mб
HDD: 6~8+ Гб


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