PhotoBomb-a-Day 2016 Calendar - by Beverly Jenkins

PhotoBomb-a-Day 2016 Calendar - by Beverly Jenkins

Photobombing involves someone or something sneaking into a photo undetected, whether on purpose or by accident.
Once viewed as "spoilers" photobombs are now seen as a comedic art form and can take a photo from ordinary to extraordinarily funny.
Featuring a different photobomb accompanied by a witty caption each day, the PhotoBomb-a-Day 2016 Calendar offers not only laughs but also tons of ideas for future photobombs, elevating the art of photobombing even higher.

ISBN: 1449465560
Количество: 640 Pages
Язык: English
Форматы: PDF + EPUB + AZW3
Размер: 140.77 MB

Ключевые теги: PhotoBomb, Day, 2016, Calendar, Beverly, Jenkins


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