Гимнастка Тина демонстрирует крупные планы HD1080p

Гимнастка Тина демонстрирует крупные планы HD1080p
Продолжительность: 00:14:53

Кодек: MPEG4 Video (H264)
Видео: 1920x1080 29.97fps 8006kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 189kbps
Размер: 873.37 Mb

That Ass in Yoga Pants 3 / Эта попка в штанишках для йоги 3 (2014) DVDRip

That Ass in Yoga Pants 3 / Эта попка в штанишках для йоги 3 (2014) DVDRip
Beautiful bodies bending over, legs opening wide for a nice, deep ''stretch'' - There are lots of reasons to love the practice of yoga! But in this latest installment, you''ll experience the full-on hardcore yoga sex fantasy with no pose barred! Get the full ''inside'' scoop about that ass in yoga pants!

Sexual Yoga / Сексуальная Йога (2014) DVDRip

Sexual Yoga / Сексуальная Йога (2014) DVDRip
These girls don`t put a dab of perfume behind their ears, they put their legs behind their heads.
They`re horny as hell and get so twisted that all you see is pussy and ass... and then they take a pounding you`ll never forget.
Five brand new scenes... all with young, European sluts...with four anals, one facial, three creampies and one awesome DP!
And all with chicks who twist and shout.
Sexual Yoga... it`s a freak show... with some very freaky girls.

Yoga Undressed The Goddess Advanced - DVDRip

Yoga Undressed The Goddess Advanced - DVDRip
Welcome to the Advanced Practice of Yoga Undressed.
Enter our sanctuary, and together we will journey to a place beyond exercise, to that timeless space at the core of your being----to your inner landscape, where the poetry and power of your soul meets your physical body, where you can reach out and touch the beating heart of the world.
Awaken your spirit and unleash the fullness of your infinite potential in this advanced level, Tantric Kundalini Vinyasa practice. Reach new heights of power, precision, insight and ease. Be inspired, challenged and transformed!
Start with a grounding, challenging kundalini warm-up to awaken and refine your sexual Kundalini shakti energy, and cultivate powerful prana, channeling it up through your spine and and into your body and mind, setting your spirit free!
Flow through an awe-inspiring vinyasa segment, including standing balance sequences: backbends, arm-balancing and twisting asanas that integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility.
Experience a radiant transformation. Build long-lasting health benefits, muscular endurance and focus. Develop inner peace and outer strength, as you will cultivate “steadiness of mind” with whatever is happening in the moment.
This advanced practice is guaranteed to inspire you to go beyond what you know---to “push the envelope” and ask more of yourself so that you will continue to grow and evolve, long after the practice is over.